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How It Works

Your institution has recently implemented a 'Mobile Learning' scheme where you can purchase your chosen device for use in lessons and beyond to help the students’ learning. The aim of our connectED programme is to assist your institution in developing a comprehensive strategy for the transformation in education that can be achieved by 1:1 mobile devices to students. 1:1 learning programmes provide schools with an innovative solution to students' educational needs. This allows for anytime, anywhere learning, with students engaging in digital content. Institutions benefit from cost savings in printing, content distribution and software.

Step 1

Register and confirm an account.
Step 2

Select your desired product from the shop section of the portal. To mitigate risk for both your institution and the parent(s), we provide an education-specific, FCA approved, insurance and warranty product.
Step 3

Move through the checkout process selecting your billing address and shipping address. (Please note: On some schemes deliveries will be made to the institution as per the terms of the scheme.) Select your payment method. You can pay on Credit or Debit Card. You can also apply for finance. For more information on finance please click here.
Step 4

Review your selection and place your order.
What happens next

If your institution is running an enrolment/hand out event, then your order will be delivered at this time. The date or dates have been agreed with your institution. For further information regarding this event, please contact your institution directly; otherwise contact us at Academia on 01992 703 900 or Email us.

If you have selected a home delivery in accordance with the terms agreed with your institution, then your order will be delivered within the following 7-10 working days (depending on stock).